A collection of edits and remixes “with a focus on sweet melodious leads, accompanied by thumping beat-work”.

01 Holobody – Ninnyhammer (Zachary Gray Remix)02 Phoenix – 1901 (Wall of Sound Version by Zachary Gray)03 Kit Knows – Summer in the City (Zachary Gray Edit)04 Benoît Pioulard – Margin (Zachary Gray Remix)05 Lyndsie Alguire – Syncopation (Zachary Gray Remix)06 Drake – Over (Zachary Gray Remix)07 Montag – Memori (feat. Erika Spring) (Zachary Gray Remix)08 Alexander’s Festival Hall – Upturned (Zachary Gray Remix)09 Sea Oleena – Orion’s Eyes (Zachary Gray Remix)10 Holobody – Riverbed (Zachary Gray Remix)

“Zachary’s remixes almost feel like intimate doodles and notes from his mind; there’s a sort of proximity to these songs – like we’re tagging along with him on a lonely, evening walk.” – Camomille Music, 2013